What Is Katfile.com?

The best way to describe Katfile is that it’s a file hosting provider. They are known for offering remote backup capacity, as well as online storage, together with highly advanced downloading and uploading tools.

What Makes Katfile.com Different?

Katfile.com is perfect for those who have to send files that are too big for email. Aside from that, they could also be useful for those who are looking for a remote storage capacity that they can use for off-site backups. Katfile.com also offers wonderful solutions that would allow you to carry personal data from several computers without the need to carry a flash drive with you anymore. That means it’s ideal for emergency situations.

What Kind of Files Can Be Uploaded?

You are allowed to upload almost every kind of file, ranging from word documents, audios, videos, images, and many more. Just make sure that none of these files violate the terms of use. That means no nudity, pornography, offensive material, and of course, copyrighted material is highly prohibited.

My Download Speed Seems Low, How to Fix That?

In such a case that you are experiencing a slow download speed, we highly suggest that you use a download manager. There are plenty of download managers that you can use to boost up your download speed.

Is It Possible to Resume Broken Downloads?

You can resume broken downloads as long as you pay for a katfile premium account. Aside from that, there are also a number of privileges you can enjoy.

How Can I Delete an Uploaded File?

Deleting a file is as easy as 1-2-3. Just use the delete link that was provided after the upload process. In such a case that you have accidentally lost the removal code, don’t worry. Simply wait for the file to expire, and this would be automatically removed from the site.

Is Hotlinking Possible?

Hotlinking is not allowed to any kind of file uploaded in the server.

Is It Possible to Access the Files Uploaded by Others?

Katfile values their users’ privacy. That means you wouldn’t be able to access the files uploaded by others. This would also give you the assurance that no one else would be able to access the files you have uploaded aside from you, and those whom you have provided the URL.

When Does Cloud Storage Backup Your Files?

Cloud storage usually works in the background, and this is where new updates are checked on an hourly basis. In such a case that there has been new or changed documents, it would automatically be backed up. As a user, you can also change how often you’re going to perform these backup, and how you want your hosting provider to handle it.

Should I Really Be Getting a Premium Account?

There are a number of reasons why you should get a premium account. For one, you wouldn’t have to worry about any upload or download limits. Likewise, you’ll be able to get more of your money’s worth with a premium account.

Is It Possible to Cancel an Account?

In such a case you’re not satisfied with the service anymore, you can easily request for an account cancellation.